The influence the Program has had on us is amazing.It is the idea we thought of when we heard space travel.Unfortunately it is retired and problably not going to come back.Plus,do to misconceptions,people think no more rockets!The art and the amazing views of it are no more.The only astronauts I can see are Mars colonizers.Yet this will leave more funds for new culture and art!So for better or worse,the program is retired.

The Americans(us)took pride in accomplishing something that no other country didbefoe:made a reusable spacecraft.During the 145 launches we gathered all kinds of facts and forces space has on us.We really took alot of credit for the program.It was a huge success,I guess it's hard to overstate the sadisfaction of Americans.We shall make progress as a society to make something just as great as the Shuttle if not better!This shall mark the age of rockets!

The Technology Used
The tech sed is more like modern than old,what i mean is is that they have quite easier controls than the Appolo missions.Oh,and by the way the Apollo missions on the moon,the travel craft had a proccesser less than your phone!Ya,but anyway the Space shuttle program is quite old (founded in 1981) and no doubt improved the tech on it.The tech use is more like your ipad working with all a computer can.So ya,the tech on it is advanced with thrusters in the front and basics like an airplane.

Future Plans
NASA plans on a space elevator for space travel quickly.Not to mention New Horizons which is going to see pluto and beyond,and who knows?We may find something else!NASA also is trying to get man on Mars.Mars is Earth-like we could and will Terraform it to where we can farm on it!The possiblities with new technology are endless!
  • 1958-NASA formed when president Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act. It was based on an earlier space program all NACA,and when it was formed NACA became NASA. NASA also absorbed ABAMA and NRL,one a millitary research and the other a naval research. JPL also joined NASA,it was a jet propulsion lab from Caltech.
  • 1981-Start of the Space shuttle program,officially called Space Transportation System (STS), was the United States government's manned launch vehicle program from 1981 to 2011. It usually carried 4 to 7 astronauts(although 8 have been carried) and and up to 50,000 lb (22,700kg) of payload into low Earth orbit. It was succecful but had had Mistakes like Challenger (blew up 73 seconds after lift off) and Columbia (Burned up 16 minutes before landing).